Operation Greens Scheme Essay In English || Essay on Operation Green Scheme 2020

Operation Greens is a project approved by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries. Its target is to stabilise the supply of tomato, onion and potato crops (TOP crops) in India. It also aims at making these crops available at every corner of the country year round without any price variation. For this an amount of 500 crore was set aside in the Union Budget of India 2018–19. The main purpose of the scheme is to give relief to farmers from losses incurred due to spoiled fruits and vegetables.

The strategy to meet the objective of the Operation Greens was divided into two components. The first component included measures to stabilise the short term price variations. And the second included the development of value chain projects which will provide benefits in the long term. So far, the Government was successful in meeting the objectives of the scheme.

During the Corona Lockdown, transportation of fruits and vegetables was becoming difficult. Due to this, the possibility of spoiling vegetables was increased. Operation Greens Scheme helped the farmers to avoid this crisis. As a result, even in such tough times the price of vegetables remained stable or very low.

Seeing the success of the scheme, the government expanded its scope to include 22 more crops. These added agricultural products quickly include perishable fruits and vegetables. The scheme allows the farmer to get reasonable prices on fruits and vegetables before they go bad. The scheme provided an adequate supply of essential fruits and vegetables, avoiding the prices to skyrocket. Hence, the scheme helped both the farmers and the consumers.

The various steps included in the Operation Greens Scheme are formation of complete planning of production and consumption, establishing proper markets for the corps, identifying proper places of food processing, storage and transportation. For this, a market intelligence network is being established which will provide real time data of farmers and their produce. Apart from that, the government is also providing subsidies for food processing, storage and transportations. This will ensure farmer’s profits and enable them to actively take part in the Operation Greens.




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